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Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm
Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm
Wills and Trusts

A will allows you to designate how your property will be distributed after you die and to appoint the person who is to make sure your wishes are carried out. When a person dies without a will, state law determines how and to whom that person’s assets are distributed. When a person makes a will, it has no legal authority until the person’s death, and it is revocable at any time during his or her lifetime.

A trust also allows you to determine how your estate will be managed in the event of your death. There are many different kinds of trusts – living or testamentary, revocable or irrevocable. A trust, as opposed to a will, can allow your family to avoid probate after your death by transferring your property through the trust rather than by will. 

Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm