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Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm
Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm
White Collar Criminal Defense

Non-violent financial crimes are generally referred to as white collar crimes and charges of this nature can be emotionally traumatizing and act to destabilize a career, a reputation, and even a family’s well-being. Because of the personal destructiveness of white collar crime allegations, it is critical to get the right kind of counsel immediately. Whether you are facing charges of fraud, embezzlement, computer crimes, racketeering, extortion, or something similar we are here to stand with you.


                First and foremost, remember you are innocent until proven guilty and a trial may be in your best interests to defend your reputation and career. At Bankhead Law Firm, we stand ready to defend you to the fullest extent of the law and put on a defense that can question the nature and quality of the charges brought against you.

                If you have been accused of a financial crime and your reputation, career, and honor are on the line, give Bankhead Law Firm a call now at 662-234-8500. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.

Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm