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Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm
Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm

Alimony is related to property division. If after the equitable division of the marital property, one spouse is nevertheless economically disadvantaged, that spouse may receive some form of payment from the other spouse, called alimony. There are four kinds of alimony in Mississippi, and more than one kind may be granted.

Permanent alimony is a set amount paid periodically and is ongoing and permanent. However, it is automatically terminated at the death of either spouse or at the remarriage of the receiving spouse. It is also modifiable if material circumstances change.

Lump sum alimony is one payment at one time and is not modifiable or terminable by death or remarriage. This kind of alimony is most commonly used to address any unavoidable inequities in the property division, such as if one spouse owns a business that cannot be divided.

Rehabilitative alimony is usually paid periodically over a set period of time in order for one spouse to get back into the workforce, such as by going back to school or training for a job. It is modifiable on a showing of a material change in circumstances.

Reimbursement alimony is awarded when one spouse during the marriage supported the other spouse through school and when this support cannot be compensated through property division. It is a lump sum, one time payment, is not modifiable, and does not terminate at death or remarriage.

Welcome To Bankhead Law Firm